• November 28, 2018

Customize Fields :

Smart HR allows users to customize the applications in terms of the fields that appear on the screen, their display name and their text type; set the specific components for earnings and deductions for each category and also specify formulae that need to be calculation of monthly salary for each category.

Set Statutory Regulations :

Statutory regulations like PF, ESI and Professional Tax can also be set dynamically depending on the earning slabs and government Regulations.

Manage Employee Data :

Using Smart HR, it is possible to create an employee master sheet containing all relevant information pertaining to his education, training, past employment, current earning and deduction components, and also upload employee documents if required.

Full & final Payment :

There is also a provision for recording separations from the company, issuing stop payment on their monthly payroll and calculating and processing their full and final settlement.

Payroll Processing :

Smart HR enables users to process payroll, generate employee specific pay slips and also generate statutory reports and bank reports in required formats at the touch of a button.

Define User Rights :

The administrator can create multiple users and define user rights and access control only to certain modules and categories. There is also a control mechanism whereby the administrator can look the process once the payroll has been processed post validation to prevent mistake and tampering by the user.

Data import / export from / to Excel :

Another unique feature of sage Pocket is the ability to import data from preexisting excel sheets by configuring fields in the excel sheet to the related field in the Smart HR software and export data to excel.

Leave Module:

Different organizations follow different leave policies and the number of leaves allotted against each leave type, such as casual leave, earned leave, sick leave, may also vary. Employee leave data needs to be captured on a daily basis for accurate salary computation.

Track Leaves :

It keeps track of leaves taken by employees and maintains a daily attendance register which is transferred at the end of the month to the payroll module

Define Leaves :

It allows the user to define various types of leaves that the employee is entitled to and set different leave parameters for different categories of employees.

Income Tax Module:

Smart HR Income Tax module allows the administrator to:

Maintain Employee Declarations :

Relevant employee declaration details can be entered under each section, and in cases where the declaration documents are pending, an MIS report can also be generated or emailed.

Compute Income Tax :

Income tax for each individual is computed and transferred to the payroll module where the TDS amount is deducted from the individual’s salary.

Generate Forms :

The module also generates requisite forms such as form 16 for the employees and facilitates quarterly and annual – filling for the income Tax department.

Benefit Module

The Sage pocket Benefit Module allows the administrator to set CTC related reimbursements, define dynamic reimbursement components like fuel transport, medical and other reimbursement components. The user has the option to link the reimbursement with the payroll module or else to pay it outside of the salary. If the monthly reimbursement entitlement is not availed of entirely then the residual amount accumulates till the end of the financial year when it is taxed and paid to the employees. The reimbursement module is also linked with increment in the payroll module, as well as the full and final settlement.

HR Letter Module

This module enables the user to create any number of formats and templates for appointment letter, relieving letter, salary certificate, experience certificate and other important documents that can be saved and used in the future. This Module enables data mapping form the Employee master in the payroll module so that relevant data from here can be merged with the required template to produce HR letters.

Email Module

The email module is a separate module that is linked to payroll, Income Tax, Benefits and other modules. Reports such as pay slip, TDS worksheet, pending proof are generated as PDF documents in these modules and the emails to the employees are sent using the Email module. This module can also be used to send out employees wedding anniversary and birthday greetings through e-mail.

Application Integration

Attendance :
Smart HR gets integrated with attendance applications allowing the users to import consolidated data using an excel interface.